Esther Viersen is currently studying for a master in theatre, at the toneelacademie Maastricht, University of applied sciences Zuyd. In order to reflect on her past work as a scenographer. This is in addition to her position as artistic course coordinator at the MBO theatreschool Rotterdam. 
Esther is an experienced designer and educator,  her design work is mainly set and spatial oriented. It is  broadly oriented and versatile. Her power lies in working conceptually and in creating big shapes like a sculpturer or architect. Her work has brought her a lot; a broad network, knowledge of working within various disciplines, running a company, know-how about how to deliver turnkey projects, delegate and collaborate. The work was a response to or based on an existing assignment or question from a professional partner, director or producer. The need to create a project from the perspective of the designer as an artist herself became more pressing the last few years.
Esther  has a strong desire for research, setting up projects and is driven by curiosity for the world.
As an educator, she creates space and frameworks for coworkers and students to develop their creativity and talent, inspiring assignments, courses & projects for young people who do not yet know where their creativity can lead them. She coaches students and teachers, cooperates with the work field Rotterdam and region, zooms out on art education in relation to her own work, her fascination, society, the world.
After studying BA theatre design at the art academy Minerva, Hanzehogeschool Groningen,  she founded her own company Esther Viersen theatre designer, which developed to es.ontwerpen later on. 
For the master she will focus on doing artistic research and creating an artistic project. 
For the artistic research Esther will deviate from her regular route as a designer and create her own starting point. Recurring theme is transience of human life, visible in daily life.
By taking this route she will practice in creating stories from everyday life to a new narrative of contemporary life. ​​​​​​​
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